2024 – Community and Music June 28, 2024 16:26

To Our Worldwide Percussion Family,

Over the last twelve months, we have witnessed the continued resilience of educators, musicians, and the Arts. It would seem we enter a new phase with its own challenges, however innovation and hope still prevails. Here in Australia, strong economic forces continue to present hurdles, as they do around the world.

I find myself reflecting about the amazing community of creative I have been a part of for more than two decades. Over this time, Rhythmscape has woven itself into the fabric of the global music scene, serving as a conduit for new ideas, sounds and experiences. When I hear a Rhythmscape work being played at a concert - wherever in the world that may be - I am still moved deeply by the reach out team has achieved. 

Continuing this theme, I would like to challenge every reader to consider one simple question: how can we continue to foster community through music as we move forward? Throughout history, music has been a powerful force in forming and sustaining communities. It has united people, transcended barriers, and created shared experiences that bring us closer together.

This togetherness does not arise alone. Community requires each of us to approach the other with kindness and humility. We owe it to each other to step into the shoes of each other, perhaps when we feel like this the least. 

Therefore, as I did twelve months ago, I wish to acknowledge some of the places where music and community are flourishing – Nashville (TN, USA), Asheville (NC, USA), Boulder (CO, USA), Portland (OR, USA), Austin (TX, USA), Athens (GA, USA), Munich (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Madrid (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland), Dublin (Ireland), and Paris (France).

And lastly, I particularly ask you to keep all the performers, concert organisers, students, teachers, and educators in your hearts. Note by note, bar by bar their work promises community at its most vibrant. 

Sincerely and with hope,

Gordon Hughes 
Founder and Managing Director 

Rhythmscape Publishing