2021 – Hope Moving Forward January 29, 2021 09:03

To Our Worldwide Percussion Family,

Unfortunately, great swathes of the planet are still facing growing challenges because of COVID-19.

Notwithstanding, in the last year, we have connected with myriad educators and performers who, in the face of these challenges, have shown a level of resilience and dedication that is awe-inspiring.

Here in Australia, we are lucky to find ourselves in a time of relative reprieve – we have caseloads in single figures not tens of thousands. Still, we are mindful that major disruptions may only be days away.

Over the course of 2020 – our 20th birthday year – we received many well wishes but more importantly, we heard stories of hope: music was still being played albeit in new and innovative ways.

People from across the globe – Clay (OH, USA), Kelcey (MS, USA), Thomas (NSW, Australia), Therese (GA, USA), Catherine, (VIC, Australia), Kelli (IN, USA), Don (AB, Canada), Kutsuna (Japan), Kae (WA, Australia) and so many more, have worked hard to make music when it was needed the most.

Along with all those I listed above we continue our commitment to helping performers, educators and students across the world access the best new percussion music. And as I did twelve months ago, I ask you to keep our heroic doctors, nurses, researchers, and public health experts in your hearts. Their skills and courage continue to light the way forward. 

In the 20 years of leading this business, there have been many challenges. I pray that 2021 will not add more challenges than those that have already been, however I feel it possibly will. I am strengthened though, that we – this worldwide percussion family – will prevail, one note, one bar, one person at a time.

Sincerely and with hope,


Gordon Hughes
Founder and Managing Director

Rhythmscape Publishing

20 Years of New Percussion Music | 2000 – 2020