2022 – Wish for the World February 3, 2022 14:22

To Our Worldwide Percussion Family,

Over the last twelve months, COVID-19 has continued its unrelenting path. Disruptions abound, yet still, educators and musicians and the Arts prevail.

Here in Australia, now that we have ‘opened-up’, we join the long list of countries that see so many lives lost and so many events and businesses upended.

This new phase of the pandemic has caused me to reflect about my tenure in charge of the extraordinary team at Rhythmscape.

Over the last 22 years, we have grown from an idea on a piece of blank paper to an export brand that is known for innovation, quality, and excellence across the world. This has not been easy. I have led the team through the Tech Bubble in 2000, the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and now the Global Pandemic. 

Whilst these crises caused myriad problems, they have one thing in common: they all, eventually, come to an end.

In this blog post I want to challenge every reader to consider one, simple question: what type of world do we wish inhabit once this is all over?

For me, I wish for a new world filled with vibrant performances, with people connecting, as never before, through music. I wish to see audiences enwrapped, renewed with a sense of optimism.

Whilst we can all wish; we must come together and make it happen. We owe it to all who have sacrificed so much. We cannot fall in the final moments.  

Therefore, as I did twelve months ago, I wish to acknowledge some of the many people who have been performing our works, working towards my wish – Bearcat Bands (University of Cincinnati), Janelle (QLD, Australia), Craig (WA, Australia), Brian (Phnx, USA), Marcello (BO, Italy), Jos (BH, Netherlands), UiT, The Artic University of Norway (Norway), and the teams at J.W. Pepper (PA, USA), Hal Leonard (VIC, Australia), Optimum Percussion (NSW, Australia) and so many more I cannot list.

And lastly, as I have written over the last three years – in addition to the nurses, researchers, doctors and public health experts – I particularly ask you to keep all the students, teachers, and educators in your hearts. They are now reaching even deeper to move us forward.

Sincerely and with hope,

Gordon Hughes
Founder and Managing Director

Rhythmscape Publishing