Submitting Compositions for Publication - Becoming Part of the Rhythmscape Composer Team

Rhythmscape Publishing is Responsible for Finding and Publishing Some of the Best New Works for Percussion - We Continue That Search Today.

All selected works submitted to Rhythmscape are sent to our dedicated selection panel made up of leading professional performers and educators for anonymous, independent appraisal. Should a work receive a favorable review from the selection panel, Rhythmscape then invests considerable editing and design time, money and energy to prepare the title for commercial release.

Please be aware that Rhythmscape is not a library or reference collection. Rhythmscape is a commercial business that works to create a consistent royalty stream for our composers. To that end, not all submissions are accepted and the works that do make it into the catalogue meet the very highest standards for creativity, composition and production. You don’t except second best; neither do we.

Who writes for Rhythmscape?
The Rhythmscape Composer Team is made up of the very best composers, performers and educators working in the industry today.

Why do you focus only on percussion works?
It is what we are good at. It is our passion. We have built a world-leading business producing new, well-produced and exciting works.

Information for Submission of Works:

All submissions must be accompanied with the following information:

  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your biography (100-200 words max) and if available, your LinkedIn account;
  • Program notes and/or a background for the work (200 words maximum);
  • Your Twitter handle or Facebook address (if applicable).

Rhythmscape utilities both Sibelius and Finale software for editing and production. We prefer scores produced in these formats. And unless you’ve unearthed a long-lost timpani concerto by W.A. Mozart, hand-written scores are not accepted.

Submissions accompanied by a recording are preferred – these can be studio, live or digitally produced (Virtual Drum Line, Pro Tools etc.).

Please note: Rhythmscape and the selection panel will not review poorly presented or incomplete submissions. The review process is confidential and panel feedback will not be released. Acceptance and rejection of submissions is at the sole discretion of Rhythmscape Publishing.