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2022 – Wish for the World February 3, 2022 14:22

I want to challenge every reader to consider one, simple question: what type of world do we wish inhabit once this is all over?

2021 – Hope Moving Forward January 29, 2021 09:03

It's been an extraordinary twelve months in our percussion industry - there are still great challenges but also great hope.

Rhythmscape’s coronavirus (COVID-19) response March 17, 2020 12:46

To Our Worldwide Percussion Family,

We are all currently facing a challenging situation as a result of COVID-19. Not only are we dealing with the immediate impacts of the global response to the outbreak but find ourselves looking towards an uncertain time of ongoing disruptions.

We know that many of our colleagues are having their daily routines affected and some find themselves dealing with the virus’ impact first-hand. We keep all those affected in our thoughts and prayers.

At Rhythmscape we have always taken seriously our commitment to helping performers, educators and students across the world access the best new percussion music. As a result, we have a business continuity plan that allows our ecommerce store to remain open and secures our supply chain.

Notwithstanding, we do not underestimate the challenge of this moment and will continue to monitor the situation moving forward.

I ask you to keep our heroic doctors, nurses, researchers, and public health experts in your hearts. Their skill and courage will light the way forward. 

As you know, Rhythmscape is celebrating its 20th year of producing the best new percussion music. Be assured our team stands alongside every member of the worldwide percussion family as we move through this time together.


Gordon Hughes
Founder and Managing Director

Rhythmscape Publishing

Celebrating 20 years | 2000 – 2020

Rhythmscape Publishing - Celebrating 20 years | 2000 – 2020 January 14, 2020 13:25

This year Rhythmscape celebrates its 20th birthday - what started as an idea on a blank piece of paper is now a global community of educators, performers, players and musicians.