Shichi-Karak (Duo Vibraphone and Marimba)


Composers: Kerryn Joyce & Kevin Man
Instrumentation: Vibraphone (four mallets), Marimba (5.0 octave, four mallets)
Grading: A.M.E.B. AMus | ABS 6 (Artist)

From the Karak Percussion powerhouse, shichi takes influences from jazz, contemporary marimba works ('Rhythmsong' for example) and blends them beautifully into a highly tonal and audience-pleasing work.

A complete recording of this work is available on the REVOLUTIONS compact disc.

Percussive Arts Society (USA) ‘Percussive Notes’ review (Lisa Rogers)
"The title of this advanced vibraphone and marimba duo is derived from the Japanese words "seven" and "rhythm patterns." Accordingly, this work centers on groups of seven and 7/8 meter. The work alternates between minimalism and melodic lyricism. The duo will use four-mallet technique with concentration on single independent and single alternating strokes. A five-octave marimba is warranted for this approximately seven-minute piece. Additionally, the vibist will bow the bars in the last section of the work."

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