Lullaby for Marimba


Composer: Kevin Man
Instrumentation: Marimba (4.3 or 5 octave, four or two mallets).
Grading: A.M.E.B. 8 |ABS 5 (Advanced)

Written for the wedding of a friend of the composer, Lullaby seeks to explore the organ-like timbre of the marimba. Tonal, highly expressive and approachable, this work adds musical depth to the marimba chorales currently available in the market. Note: this work can either be performed as a solo four-mallet work or a split-staff duet for two, two-mallet players. Either version can be performed on a 4.3 or 5 octave marimba.

A complete recording of this work is available on the REVOLUTIONS compact disc.

Percussive Arts Society (USA) ‘Percussive Notes’ review (Terry O’Mahoney)
"This five-minute work for marimba could be performed as either a duet (using a 5-octave instrument for optional notes) or solo (using a low-A instrument). Principally using rolls, the piece has a sustained, organlike quality that is best described by its indicated tempo, tranquillo expressivo. It begins slowly, then builds in speed slightly before a peaceful coda. Its contemplative mood, which exploits the rich sonorities of the marimba, contrasts nicely with other marimba repertoire that often accentuates the percussive qualities of the instrument."

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