Instruments of Mass Deception (IMD)


Composer: Pete E. Neville
Instrumentation (for quintet version): Drum kit, Floor toms (2), roto-toms (2 sets), congas (2 sets), bongos (2 sets), jam block (2), kick drums (2)
Players: 3-5
Grading: A.M.E.B.5-6 | ABS 4- to 4+ (Intermediate)

A complete recording of this work is available on the REVOLUTIONS compact disc.

A Note From Gordon Hughes, Founder and Managing Director of Rhythmscape: 

In 2006, before the world was made aware of the deceptions propagated to justify the removal of the tyrannous Iraqi regime, I made the decision to green-light the publication of IMD.

In sending the work for review. I knew we ran the risk of offending our colleagues in the USA.

It goes without saying that we hold the armed forces around the globe in the highest regard, but to quote Winston Churchill, “The first step is to be honest, and then to be noble”, so we joined the dissenting voices. 

Unfortunately, one of the reviews did not go well. We understood why. So, listen to the work – see it performed. You decide.

Percussive Arts Society (USA) ‘Percussive Notes’ review (John R. Raush)
"...…a rhythmically exciting quintet."

Percussive Arts Society (USA) ‘Percussive Notes’ review (Ron Coulter)
"Creating a tenuous parody out of the divisive political phrase and acronym “WMD” used by the U.S. government in recent years, this work may offend some of our membership; IMD and WMD might be too similar for comfort. The title is in reference to rhythmic material used throughout the work, especially in the brief introduction and coda, which obscures the time signature of the moment... In addition to the previously mentioned deceptive rhythmic material, this work juxtaposes clichéd rhythms from various musical traditions in a highly repetitive manner. While this work is appropriate for elementary and intermediate students, teachers should take the time to find selections with higher nutritional content for the musical diets of young and developing percussionists such as works by Johanna M. Beyer, “Trio” by John Cage, and countless others."

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