Blaze for Junk Percussion Ensemble


Composer: Gordon Hughes
Players: 4-5 (minimum) - can be expanded.
Instrumentation: Raid the Junk Yards! Each player requires three differing sounds/timbres (‘low’, ‘medium’, ‘high’). Additionally, each player requires a ‘metal-on-metal buzz’ sound. Ideally, this could be two metal plates bolted loosely together or something as simple as a coin taped to a metal surface. This is Intended to create a tenuto metal-buzz effect that lasts for the approximate length of a quaver.
Grading: A.M.E.B. 3-4 | ABS 3-3+ (Intermediate)

Blaze is a groove-based work for Junk Percussion - patterns bounce around the ensemble with movement and energy taking this work to a whole new level!

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