karak percussion - the leading Australian percussion duo - have recorded a number of outstanding compositions for percussion. From Entrata to the sublimely calm ENSO and the raw energy in Musique de Senegal, this CD is a must for the collection.


Ozmosis track listing
track 1 Entrata by Joyce/Man
track 2 Russian rag by Kats-chernin
track 3 Shichi-karak by Joyce/Man
track 4 Boobam music by Robert Lloyd
track  5 Enso by Man
track 6 Squirrels in hyde park by Wells
track 7 Kookaburra sits in the antwerp zoo by Wells
track  8 Eel in green by Wells
track 9 Adopted ratios by Lawrance
track 10 Musique du senegal by Joyce

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